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In a single large farmhouse, the Beauce pigsty offers you a few places for your pigs. For their food, you have tinkered  an artisanal conveyor to feed the troughs from an old bushel. A slurry pit and a manure will allow you to manage your operating waste. Finally, the barn opens onto an outdoor enclosure to take advantage of the good weather.


Dimensions  :

Length: 37.40 m
Width :  36.00 m

Height: 6.90 m


GAMEREADY Textures 4th Generation 


  • Right of use

    These models are subject to unique serial numbers which will be  automatically  related to your purchase. From that moment, you will be held responsible in the event of non-compliance with the general conditions of sale.

    Serial number defends  the model  Original 3D owned by MA7. In case of dispute, the serial number is sufficient proof to identify the customer to the model.

  • Model

    Number of triangles:  77,500

    Number of faces:  37,500

    Number of vertices: 45,500

    3D file weight:  3.0 MB 

    4th grade DDS texture  generation

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