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Here is a large sheepfold for the Comtois series. This large building with a capacity of 300 sheep, is equipped with a feed by 3 mats, a supply of pellets (decorative) and a natural ventilation system. The mats are functional and you can manage the opening and closing of the yokes. At the rear a large door to facilitate the transport of animals. At the front, a free area allows you to manage the storage of wool. 



Length: 50.00m
Width:  21.20m

Height: 8.30m


Access: 8 vehicle doors and 4 barriers

GAMEREADY 5th Generation Textures


  • Right of use

    These models are subject to unique serial numbers which will be automatically linked to your purchase. From this moment, you will be held responsible in the event of non-compliance with the general conditions of sale and in particular the prohibition to share this model. Only personal use is possible.

    The serial number defends the original 3D model belonging to MA7. In the event of a dispute, the serial number is sufficient proof to identify the customer to the model.

  • Model

    Number of triangles: 185,000p

    Number of sides:  85,500f

    Number of vertices:  116,000v

    Size of the 3D file: 450Kb

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