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Hall for the storage of straw or agricultural equipment in an old style. 



Length: 25.10m
Width: 16.30m

Height: 9.10m


Access:  open on three sides.

GAMEREADY 5th Generation Textures


Only 8 left in stock
  • Information

    These models are subject to unique serial numbers which will be automatically linked to your purchase. From this moment, you will be held responsible in the event of non-compliance with the general conditions of sale.

    The serial number defends the original 3D model belonging to MA7. In the event of a dispute, the serial number is sufficient proof to identify the customer to the model.

  • Model

    Number of triangles: 33,000p

    Number of sides: 14,500f

    Number of vertices: 20,500v

    FBX Weight:  1,050KB

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