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"The new LEGRAND series is an improvement in textures passing from the 3rd to the 4th generation."

Here is the most successful stall that we offer! For a capacity of 80 dairy cows, you have a functional dairy, with milk tank, milking robot, functional management office, reserve and furniture provided. A storage shed, for your various fodder, is attached to the stall. a storage on the dairy is available in height. A manure is completed the length of the building. An automatic scraper passes through the second hallway of the barn to feed the manure. This can be activated from a control box. The slurry is collected by concrete slats underground from the two corridors of the barn. Finally, an extension to the shed allows you to place different heifers and calves, each having a pen and yokes.


Length: 84.40m
Width: 24.40m

Height: 9.70m

Access: 1 sliding door, 6 personal doors, 3 tubular doors, a double dairy door and 2 single tubular doors.

GAMEREADY Textures 4th Generation


  • Right of use

    These models are subject to unique serial numbers which will be automatically linked to your purchase. From that moment, you will be held responsible in the event of non-compliance with the general conditions of sale.

    The serial number stands for the original 3D model belonging to MA7. In case of dispute, the serial number is sufficient proof to identify the customer to the model.

  • Model

    Number of triangles: 251,000

    Number of sides: 130,000

    Number of vertices: 165,000

    3D file size: 9MB

    4th generation DDS format texture

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